How to Choose Your Creative Partner For Conferences and Events

The Importance of Graphic Design in Conferences and Events

Graphic design plays a very important role in most areas, it is not different in the conference and events industry, that is why designers should be involved from the very beginning of the event planning. The visual side of events should have a purpose to create a better experience for participants, which is why combined efforts of both designers and planners are required.

Conference design is very interesting from a designers point of view as it allows for exploration in multiple areas, but the key role is to create a memorable experience for the participants and sponsors.

The designer’s role has become even more noticed during the COVID pandemic, a moment that brought a big challenge for conferences and events, by opening the door for the digital world. Being able to combine both worlds when communicating visually is imperative for the future of the conference and events industry.


How Graphic Design Can Enhance The Conference Experience

It is important for a conference to have a branded experience, to be able to convey the message and brand in the most effective way. The conference branding should be able to reflect the event’s tone, theme, and mission.

A branded event will help attendees feel more welcome, informed, and excited about what they are attending.

This can be achieved with printed materials, merchandise, space design and digital experiences, that create an overall immersive experience for all participants and partners.


Design For Networking

Conferences and events are a good way to build relationships with other professionals, making them a great place to start networking.

Design plays a key role in the networking experience of an event. Designers are able to create spaces for networking that are designed for conversation and interaction.

Some designers have created digital experiences for attendees to make it easier for them to network at events, this will add to the overall experience and generate value for participants.


Best Practices for Conference Graphic Designers

Conference designers have a great responsibility in the unfold of the event. Creativity and function must be hand in hand. A great example is signage design. Signage serves a huge purpose and should be well thought. A few things to consider are: Use height for visibility, readable typography and clear directional instructions. On top of that you can create an interactive map that attendees can use on their mobile phone.


Other important topic to keep in the best practices book is health and safety. Venues are all different and they have different rules for space usage and safety instructions. So, be sure to know those rules and design in order to not interfere with fire escape routes or service areas.


Finding The Right Designer For Your Next Event Or Conference

Finding the right creative partner for your next event or conference can be a challenging task. There are many things to consider, such as the design experience and budget. When planning a conference or event, try not to choose based on price but try to choose a balance between, creativity, knowledge and price.

This is because they will be able to provide you with a better understanding of what will work and what won’t work in terms of your event or conference.

Multidisciplinary design studios can be a perfect match. They can provide you with a variety of tools that cross many design fields, therefore being able to keep consistency across all branded materials.


Do more than choose a creative company; choose an event partner



Creativity is very important, but it must always be balanced with functionality and experience. Make sure you design partner is involved from the very beginning and works with the planning from the start, as it can be very useful in decision making. Create a clear briefing for every partner of the event, but specifically for the creative partner. At Brandstudio we always start with a discovery call to understand the concept of the event and ask our clients to answer a few questions to help us define the briefing.


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